Digital Devices/Digital Cameras

The SD 7.0 standard introduces PCIe 3.0 and NVMe 1.3 as new bus standards to achieve the performance level of SD cards to SSDs. At the same time, SDUC cards and microSD UC cards (Ultra Capacity) that meet this standard are also officially available, with the theoretical maximum capacity increased to 128TB. From now on, SD cards (including microSD cards) will be added to the card body SD EX I (SD Express) new logo.

SD 7.0 offers revolutionary innovations. Memory cards that meet the latest standards have a maximum theoretical speed of 985 MB/s to meet the needs of upcoming IoT devices and content. SD 7.0 standard memory cards have stronger support for 8K video capture and playback, 360-degree cameras, Internet of Things devices, mobile computing devices, automobiles and drones.